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Success Stories

We have helped so many women lose weight, gain confidence and get their lives back on track.


Beat that cellulite. Lost 9.7kg / 77cm in 4 months!


Reclaimed her health. Lost 20.1kg / 175cm in 6 months!


Got her energy back. Lost 10.2kg / 80cm in 5 months!


Gained control of her hormones. Lost 4.5kg / 50cm 4 weeks!


Excited to lose lost 7kg & 68cm in 6 weeks!


Lost 6.5kg / 46cm in 4 weeks!


Busy Mum of 6 prioritising weight loss and the time to do it was hard. I didn't have the energy, time, or motivation to do traditional exercise. At Figure By Design I enjoyed a sanctuary, a time out place for me and lost 10.1kg and 107cm. Figure By Design is my happy place, and results come easier than you expect.


Lost 9.6kg +106cm. With a stressful, but sedentary job, Figure By Design gave me options that weren't hard, and have given me results every time I join. The team is helpful, and friendly and become a part of my every step toward success.


Mel is a returning client and after a health scare, gained a lot of weight. She came back as she trusted us and the process and is already 6kg / 60cm leaner.


Gail felt intimidated at the gym, and it wasn’t a place that enticed her to go to. She enjoyed our safe haven and privacy. Also enjoyed that her clothes started fitting her again only after a couple of weeks.


Jennifer is traumatised by the gym and feels to unfit to be judged. Listen how she lost 2.2kg / 29cm in 10 days lying down.


Clare came very sceptical but is proudly celebrating 10kg / 144cm loss and is a raving fan.


Naomi came as a last resort. Has been struggling with weight, injury and stress. In 14 days, she lost 1.3kg + 49cm from waist to knees.


Shredding for the wedding! After some health concerns and trying other things I have always struggled to lose weight. After being at Figure By Design I lost 1.6kg +51cm in my first few weeks and literally cried. I continued to lose 4.2kg +71cm and loved the process and fit in my dress like a princess. I LOVE Figure By Design!


Julie has lost an amazing amount of weight, her sugars have been perfect for over 3 months, she has been able to increase her exercise, tone her heavy tummy walls, eliminate back pain and now sleeps better.

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