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Hormonal Weight Rescue

Being a woman sometimes feels cruel. You can get to a certain stage of life where everything you have done before just stops working.


We understand what is happening to your body and will tailor-make a program around that. It will comprise of easy low impact exercise, time out, infrared strategies that help burn fat at a fast. Utilising the power of Lymphatic drainage and infrared science will help remove stored fat, toxins and reduce fluid retention with little or no stress on your body. You will start feeling invigorated, energised and back to your normal self. These treatments, although heat is involved, actually help with the symptoms of hot flushes, help rebuild the collagen in your skin and speed up your metabolism.


Hormone driven weight gain needs a combination of methods combined, so we will take away the confusion and struggle of you facing or navigating it on your own. You will be assisted with the right strategies, eating plans and done for you recipes. Enjoy time out, weight loss and energy enhancement.

We will help you feel the best you have for a long time. You can expect to enjoy 30-60 mins in studio 3x per week for optimum success. We will customise your program after assessing your health during your Free Consultation with us.

As a woman we know hormones can run and feel like they ruin your life.

Whether it be in your late teens, just after having a baby, pushing through PCOS or dealing with menopause. There are different stages of your life where we understand you just feel like you have no control.


What you did for years, no longer works and you are left feeling confused, cranky, exhausted and beaten. You feel weight going on, being more stubborn to move, your energy is depleting, and your skin probably is also showing signs of stress. We understand all of these issues and with the combinations of our holistic therapies, a close look at your epigenetics, nutritional support and a customised program, results are possible and highly probable.


Getting the combination of all these methods, allows you to go back to feeling like YOU, and start enjoying your life again. We will assist you to lose weight, control hot sweats, change moods, not be afraid to eat, feel energised all without having to ever go for a run. Your body will be nurtured, allowed to rest, burn calories and detox in a way that relaxes and excites you.

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Meet Pauline

Pauline made the life-changing decision to commit to her health and lost 20.1kg / 175cm in 6 months!

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