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Pre-Baby Body

Having a baby is exciting and exhausting and can also leave you feeling a bit stressed about reclaiming your pre-baby body and identity. We can help you find yourself again.


Your body has already been through a lot, so high impact and hardcore options don’t suit everyone. We have used gentle, targeted, proven & low impact exercise techniques that promote the release of fatty acids, promote lymphatic drainage and increase muscle tone with amazing results for 9 years.


We can also incorporate infrared heat treatments helping to restore the elasticity back into your skin and burn calories quicker. We will tailor-make a program that suits your physical abilities, and your time schedule. 

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Meet Candice

Candice had been a pre pregnancy client and after enjoying great results could not wait to come back and get sorted after her first baby.


She enjoyed relaxing infrared heat wraps that stimulated intense calorie burn (plus a 30-minute nap that goes with that) plus low impact exercise on a horizontal bike that promoted toning and lymphatic drainage which assisted in the removal of unwanted fat. Some of the time she even got to bring her daughter with her and have her right next to her.


Being a new mum has its own time challenges and after a difficult birth, the gym and its intensity was a frightening concept to Candice 


Candice was excited to lose lost 7kG & 68 cm in 6 weeks and drop back into her pre baby clothes.  She’s now enjoying feeling herself and energised once again!

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