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Pain Management & Stress Relief

Pain and injury can lead to mental and physical challenges. The physical trauma of weight gain and immobility and the mental trauma that the thought of doing anything could cause more pain and inflammation.


Good News – it doesn’t have to be hard to be successful and this is a definite when dealing with injury.


Our multi-faceted therapies and programs are all about reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and calorie burn with ‘no or low’ impact. These options are probably the godsend you have been looking for.


A stressed and injured body needs some love and nurturing, not hardcore objectives that will set you back. Our qualified coached will assess your goals, injuries and limitations in your first free consultation and design a program suitable for you.

Pain not only puts strain on you physically, it also can put you in a bad mental state feeling like there is no positive outcome available for you. Weight loss and wellness don’t have to just be designed around intense exercise and starvation diets. We have proven it to be quite the opposite.


When your body is injured it already is in an inflamed state, so intensifying that state causes more fat storing hormones, which also causes more inflammation, causing more pain and more depression. Your body needs to be nurtured and recovery enhanced.


This comes from using no-low impact exercises if appropriate or other natural therapies including infrared technology that is proven to reduce inflammation, increase new blood flow to a stressed area, increase calorie burn in a resting position plus heal. Colour therapy and aromatherapy to heel your mind changing the secretion of hormones and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins.


All of these, safe, proven, non- invasive and natural therapies will allow you to still lose weight, and reduce pain and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We understand you have already been through a lot, what have you got to lose?

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Meet Shireen

Shireen had been struggling from weight gain due to an injury that limited her movement and was causing her mental anguish.


She committed to a 3-month program that predominantly was NO-IMPACT and very little exercise. She was treated with infrared technology enjoying the rest in a dark room with soft music and candles, that were also included and managed to reduce pain, increase self-confidence and drop 4 dress sizes.


Shireen lost 17.6kg + 192 cm (that’s nearly 2METRES of fat loss) and dropped 4 dress sizes during the 12-week program.  She’s now enjoying new clothes and moving around pain free once again!

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