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Explore our studio

The Figure by Design studio features a host of cutting-edge technologies purpose-built to aid in sustained, healthy weight-loss. Whatever your shape, size or fitness level, our broad range of options ensures we can develop a program just for you. 

Infrared Sauna

Infrared methods have been around for hundreds of years, and their benefits have a long scientifically proven history.

Infrared Bubble

The ultimate in rest, recovery and weight loss, our bubble helps you fully destress, rest, revive & thrive.

Sit Up bike

This is a vacuum pod that works on a positive & negative vacuum pressure whilst only needing a gentle pedalling movement.

Infrared Bike

Actions deep vacuum , infrared and collagen therapy helping to tone, fight fatigue, improve detoxing, and assist with stubborn fat removal.

Infrared Blanket

Benefits of our weighted infrared sauna blanket transport you to a place of rest and allow you to lose weight lying down.

Our machines

Figure By Design is a female boutique that offers a day spa experience to lose weight, reduce cellulite and improve wellness. We use state of the art, no-low impact exercises that increase detox, lymphatic drainage and circulation. We also offer infrared technology assisting with calorie burn, fat elimination, muscle recovery and pain management.


We also provide colour therapy and collagen light therapy enhancing mood and skin tone. All in a resort style fitness utopia. Our concept is proven, award- winning and unique but allows the body to rest-revive-thrive.


Figure By Design uses game-changing solutions, never conforming to old techniques. Utilising our 55 years’ experience and award-winning track record means you have stumbled onto the most proven and most enjoyable methods to long-term wellness and weight loss. 

The experience

Figure By Design is YOUR place to design YOUR PERFECT and enjoy the process. It was created to give all women, of all shapes and sizes a place to retreat to, so they could “design their perfect’ health and shape - WHATEVER that means to each person as an individual.


We believe that women deserve to be healthy and happy, and that the GYM and PT training aren't their only options. They definitely have their place in society, but not everyone can or wants to go to a gym environment. We are the ONLY and EXCLUSIVE “Resort Style Fitness” that helps women understand their bodies, their goals, their triggers and work around their abilities. Our systems are promoting that you CAN design your perfect, WITHOUT Starvation- Deprivation- Exertion. We teach you how to REST-REVIVE-THRIVE.

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