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Lose That Last 5-10kg

Sometimes life gets in the way. You lose yourself, forget to take care of yourself and then get to a stage that Dr’s are telling you that it’s a massive health concern for you and you must ACT. Don’t worry, we can help.


We know that confusion, embarrassment, health issues and pain can be stopping you from seeking help. We want to let you know, it’s only too late, when it’s too late! You don’t have to be fit, energized or embarrassed.


We have very low impact exercise technology that can get you moving, increase lymphatic drainage, remove toxins and get you back on track. We will incorporate NO- impact infrared technology to help speed up your metabolism, burn calories and relieve pain. We will teach you how to have a good relationship with food and how easy meal prep can be.

Life changes happen in bite size chunks. Everyone goes through challenging times and sometimes through the stress or business of life, we forget about ourselves. We eat on the run; we are too tired for exercise or socialising and then start to see our body respond in a way that adds to our stress.


If you are already time challenged, stressed, & fatigued, running to the gym might make you feel good, but your weight loss or wellness may take longer than you hoped as you will NEVER lose weight in a stressed fatigued body. What you really need is some time out.


Your body will respond much quicker to being allowed to Rest-revive-thrive.

So, you can expect a couple of options. If you are really time challenged you will have a program designed around low impact exercise that also includes infrared technology, colour therapy, lymphatic drainage and collagen therapy all in 30-minute scheduled appointments.


If you can spare 1 hour - you will reap the rewards of allowing yourself that time to rest with infrared, oxygen and aromatherapy techniques worked into your program. It’s the day spa concept of weight loss.

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Meet Kristy

Kristy is a hard-working business owner and mum, who just got busy looking after everyone else. Finding time to eat properly was pushed to the side and gifting herself time out felt impossible in her busy and overwhelming life.


Her body was fatigued just as much as her mind and causing inflammatory concerns- so intense exercise and deprivation diets were never going to help her.


We designed a program that fitted into Kristy’s business life and offered it on an appointment-based schedule so she could schedule her visits into her calendar. We made eating easy and not deprivational and advised certain do and don’t foods individually for Kristy’s health type.


Kristy lost 9.8 kg +88cm dropped 2 dress sizes during the 8-week program.  She’s now feeling confident, energised and healthy again.

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