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Introducing the Figure by Design Studio

We are a Multi Award-Winning studio located in Narellan, that is proud to NOT be a gym.

Our state of the art machines use infrared technology to help you shed weight, tone your body and leave you feeling energised. We help women give women a place to REST-REVIVE-THRIVE with a Resort Style Fitness Experience.


Also to change women's lives, health and confidence, whilst breaking the status quo, proving that it doesn't have to be hard to be SUCCESSFUL.

Meet Julie

Lost 20kg in 12 weeks

Julie has lost an amazing amount of weight, her sugars have been perfect for over 3 months, she has been able to increase her exercise, tone her heavy tummy walls, eliminate back pain and now sleeps better.

Meet Megan

Lost 4.2kg + 71cm in time for her wedding!

"After some health concerns and trying other things I have always struggled to lose weight. After being at Figure By Design I lost 1.6kg +51cm in my first few weeks and literally cried. I continued to lose 4.2kg +71cm and loved the process and fit in my dress like a princess. I LOVE Figure By Design!"

Our Programs

Pre-Baby Body

Gentle, low-impact exercise to get your pre-baby body & health back.

Cellulite Buster

Safe, non-surgical methods to reduce cellulite and tighten skin.

Big Event Ready

Fit into that perfect dress in no time with our state of the art technology.

bike 4B.jpg

Experience our cutting-edge equipment

Gives you the benefits of core exercises with no impact

Our Machines

Infrared Sauna

Infrared methods have been around for hundreds of years, and their benefits have a long scientifically proven history.

Infrared Blanket

Benefits of our weighted infrared sauna blanket transport you to a place of rest and allow you to lose weight lying down.

Infrared Bubble

The ultimate in rest, recovery and weight loss, our bubble helps you fully destress, rest, revive & thrive.

Dallys Laydown Bike.png

Try out our Infrared Bike

Lymphatic Drainage and Infrared
technology changes the game.

Experienced Coaches

With our combined experience of over 60 years we show women how to "Design Their Own Perfect" – whatever that means to them

In the last 12 years Figure By Design has helped over 25,000 women lose over 30,000kg and twice as many centimetres with out STARVATION - DEPRIVATION - EXERTION

FIND OUT OUR SECRETS to weightloss & wellness WITHOUT THE GYM!

We are highly respected Winners and Finalists in many local and national awards. Our Founder Melissa Daniels has been interviewed by The Sydney Daily Telegraph as one of the Most Influential Wellness Practitioners, as well as being invited to appear as an Expert Guest Speaker. Melissa is also a respected business, health and wellness coach who's mentoring services have helped countless women excel in their physical, mental and professional lives.

Award Winning Coaching & Mentoring

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